Jadson Dantas UX Product Designer

Live from the stage/my workspace

Hi ;)

My name is Jadson Dantas and I am Miguel's father, Brazilian and designer. I help companies to create amazing connections between people and brands through digital products. My background is in graphic/industrial design and also I am specialist in Human-computer Interaction.

In my design career, I've been working with digital design since 2008, when I was only a very young design student. I had the pleasure to work with many kinds of projects, since websites, social media, mobile design (IOS and Android) until web applications for B2C and B2B Market.

Currently I'm part of the Liferay Design Team, a distributed guild around the world, who work hard to deliver the best product for the Liferay users.

I am an enthusiast:

  • Conversational interfaces;

  • Agile methodologies;

  • Design Sprint;

  • Lean UX;

Also, I'm a vinyl and photographer lover.